Activities September-November 2013




Wed. Sept. 11 -- Regular Meeting

Wed. Sept.  18—Board of Directors

      Meeting at President Pete’s house

Wed. Sept. 25—Regular Meeting

Sat. Oct. 5—Orchard Hill Clean Up

Wed. Oct. 9—Regular Meeting

Wed. Oct. 16—Board of Directors

Sat. Oct. 19—Great Pumpkin Race and Mustang raffle

Wed. Oct.  23—Regular Meeting

Oct. 26th -- Hopkins Winery Social Event

Wed. Nov. 13—Regular Meeting

Wed. Nov. 20—Board Meeting


President’s Message


Dear Fellow Lions,


I am honored to serve as your president for the next year. I only hope I can live up to your expectations. Past President Ray Keegan is a tough act to follow. Did you notice how he has led this club through one of the most tumultuous years in our clubs history in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy?  Were you aware that Ray has responded to each and every donor to our Sandy Hook Elementary Fund with a personalized thank you letter? And by the way, Ray was on the line on December 14th helping to supply food to the First Responders of the tragedy. These are special acts taken by a special leader in a completely unique situation.  Please join me in thanking Ray for all that he has done and continues to do for the club.


Just like Ray there is a very active list of leaders in our club. All the committees that generate the energy and ideas that allow us to be so successful are what make us “tick” as a club. All these contributions keep us positioned as a principal in our community.  During last year with the help of Bruce Walczak and many, Ray reorganized our health committee and they are holding our first Pediatric Eye Screening for the kids of Newtown in September. Wow, this is a great service to provide for the kids in our community and it really reinforces our charter as Lions. I know I can count on all of you to pitch in and help where needed.


As of early September 2013 SHEF has raised $284,978,12. That statement stands alone. I think this is the largest fund raiser we have ever held in the clubs history. We can be extremely proud of the work that the SHEF committee and entire membership has done under the leadership of Bob Schmidt.


The car has been having a great year and it hasn’t happened without all the memberships’ great support in taking out the car. We are trying to break the record with 10,000 tickets sold this year. We are well on our way but we need to work hard to get over the finish line. Please  support Paul and his car team by taking out the car for a day.


We are also looking forward to another successful “Great Pumpkin Race” this year. Bob Schmidt is warming up his tubes in his PA system to emcee another Great Pumpkin Race and Tom Evagash is tuning up the wheels for those great pumpkin racers he makes. We look forward to Gordon Williams and Ryan Storms, and their outstanding committee to execute another good race.


There are many great things we accomplish as Newtown Lions one of the Greatest is that we truly serve the World and our community through selfless acts of kindness. We are a proud and humble group of men organized solely to benefit those less fortunate than ourselves. I am so lucky to be associated with you all and look forward to a great two years serving as your President.


Best Regards,


Officers for 2013-2014


President Peter McNulty                                           1st Vice President Doug Hensal

2nd Vice President Steve Bennett                              3rd Vice President Gary Fillion

Secretary Doug Body                                               Administrative Treasurer Ryan Storms

Project Treasurer Kevin Corey                                 Tail Twister James Manville

Cub Tail Twister Gordon Williams                             Lion Tamer Stan Wyslick

Cub Lion Tamer Denny McLaughlin                          Director - 1 Year Bruce Landgrebe

Director -1 Year Alan Jacobs                                    Director - 2 Years Ed Miklaszewski

Director – 2 Years Frank Gardner                             Toastmaster Paul Krueger

Immediate Past President Ray Keegan


Signs You Will Like 


At a propane filling station:

            “Thank Heaven for Little Grills.”


At a Chicago radiator shop

            Best Place in Town to Take a Leak.”


On the back of a septic tank truck:

            “Caution:  This Truck is Full of Political Promises”


On another septic tank truck:

            “Yesterday’s Meals on Wheels”


On a plumber’s truck:

            Don’t Sleep with a Drip.  Call Your Plumber.”



Doings of the Pride


Rumor has it that Playgirl might come calling on our Lions greeter, John Kopins.  Looking trim and fit,  he is now down to 165, his college weight.  Good going, John. You better start practicing your posing skills. . . . Bill Brett and Mary Jo have spent quite a bit of time this summer at their cottage in Maine on Georgtown Island.  Aside from repairing and relaxing, Bill enjoys working on his novel, a historical one taking place from 1938-1992.  For our Lions he assures us that there will be some sex in it.  Better reserve your copy now! . . . Walt and Peggy Schweikert especially enjoyed this summer’s camping trip for they took their whole family with them: daughters, son and their spouses as well as all the grandchildren.  It was a week long family reunion near Ocean City, Maryland.  In the 90 degree weather they enjoyed the beach and visiting Ocean City.  The highlight for the kids may have been making s’mores, getting them nice and gooey and then getting it in each others’ hair.    Later Walt and his wife journeyed through Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, visiting Revolutionary and Civil War parks.  Walt was the most impressed with Vicksburg.  . . .

Ed and  Donna Miklezewski recently took part in a bus trip to Washington D.C.  Sponsored by the Newtown Action Committee, the group met hundreds of other people from all the states, most wearing green tee shirts symbolizing Sandy Hook.  Senators Reed, Blumenthal and Murphy as well as Representative Esty added their voices.  The goal of the Newtown Action Committee was to push for the passage of a bill to strengthen federal laws about background checks.  One of the most moving parts of the event, Ed said was seeing about 500 people joining hands in a green ribbon honoring Sandy Hook. . . .Jerry and Sheila Cole  recently returned from an Old World adventure.  Recently their daughter, Liz, married Freiden Kline, a German.  Hoping to spend some time with Freiden’s dad, the Coles journeyed to Germany to meet with him.  Freiden and Liz were there as well as Matt, the Coles’ son.  They saw quite a bit of Germany and spent four days in Berlin sight seeing.  Sheila expresses a fondness to the schnapps while Jerry admits he enjoyed a number of rounds of good German beer.  . . . Jim Berliner recently vacationed in Cabo San Lucas where he has a time share and where they go twice a year.  Deep sea fishing, swimming and touring were the orders of the day.  Jim also has professional news as he had moved his office from Bridgeport to Monroe where he has strong community ties having grown up there. . . .Ryan Henry recently spent time visiting his wife’s family in the Albany area.  He enjoyed them oohing and awing over their thirteen month old son, Finnegan.  Then they were off to spend several more days in Maine.  . . . Kerry Brosnan and family spent a week at the seashore.  Good weather and waves greeted them as they divided the week between Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.  Kerry commented that it was good he had come and gone from the Vineyard before the President got there as it would have been a logistics and transportation nightmare.  . . . Seamus Walsh and wife and two small children spent an enjoyable time in a cabin  just a few miles south of the Canadian border.  The children enjoyed the  swimming and hiking and especially roasting marshmallows over the fire at night.


 The Doctor’s Bad News..

The doctor reluctantly met with his patient and said to him “ I have to tell you Charlie I have bad news and even worse news.         

The patient was very worried but said “Well, you had better tell me and not keep me guessing.”

The doctor looked him in the eyes and said, “Charlie, you only have twenty-four hours to live”

Charlie was horrified but managed to sputter, “But what news could be worse than that?”                                                                                                                                          The doctor  said, “ I couldn’t reach you yesterday.”



   Focus on Our Wives


To know Jane Landgrebe is to admire  her.  Always smiling, always warm and sympathetic, Jane brightens people’s days.  Coming to America from England  she worked as a nanny in Connecticut.    During that year, she happened to meet Bruce and, the rest is history, as they say.  With four grown children and retired from her nursing career, much of it spent at Ashlar, now the Masonic Home, she is active in the community in a number of ways.  She has held practically every volunteer position in the Congregational Church through the years.  One year she and Bruce were sited as the annual meeting as being the outstanding family of the church.  Currently she sings in the choir, is a member of the Human Service committee and chairs a group of women who meet monthly.   Jane is also a FISH volunteer and a member of the Newtown Women’s Club where she helps to write the monthly newsletter.  Next time you hear a lilting English accent, look around, and if the lady has a big welcoming smile on her face, you will know you have found Jane.    

We Miss You

By Paul Krueger

We miss the Lions who have not taken the Mustang out yet this year.  Why?  We need every ticket sale we can get to fund our donations to the charities we support and for SHEF (Sandy Hook Elementary Fund).

When you became a Lion, you accepted the responsibility to sell Mustang raffle tickets.  Without your participation, you are shifting that responsibility onto other members.  Some Lions have already taken the car out six or more times this season.  We need your help to make this year’s Mustang raffle a big success.

Maybe you do not like to “sell.”  No problem!  We will partner you with one of our sastars.  You will be the cashier, no selling, just take peoples’ money.  Join us this raffle season and enjoy some Lions fellowship.  Do not be among the missing!


            Father O’Malley answers the phone.  A voice says “Hello, is this Father O’Malley?’     “It is”

“This is the Internal Revenue Service.  Do you know a Ted Houlihan?’

“I do!”

“Is he a member of your congregation?”

“He is!”

“Did he donate   $10,000 to your church?”

“He will!”